Friday, July 31, 2009

Go Green

I am the slightest bit envious of people who live their lives totally eco-friendly. I wish I had the determination. I'm still working on just being friendly.

Spring Clean

Today was a cleaning day and it started with my mind. I had a great wake up call from my dad inviting me to have a routine coffee date at Limelight Java, always. We had a nice time together besides the fact that it was really hot in the shop. But we moved outside and the breeze matched well with or joyous conversations. After he left I had a great time in the word and pouring my heart out to God on a small piece of paper. I do have to admit something... I am not nearly as sensitive as I used to be. I don't feel like a warrior, like I should be. I feel smaller than the measliest foot-soldier... not even. I am going to up my game for the Lord (i'll let you know how it goes).

I went to the gym, and filed paper work at Peppino's, and cleaned my room, and paid a parking ticket. Cleaning/Task day for sure. I specifically prayed for dedication today and i do feel it.

Janu wants to go on tour with the Smart Bros. and I am doing my best to work it out. I talked to Jay Smart today, which was a total answer to prayer. Now I just need him to call me back with answers of if we can come out or not. By the looks of it now, Janu will be touring solo up the west cost if you ask me. And I believe in us. Keep praying Sae Sae.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A breath of Fresh Air

Practice started off with a healthy meeting over coffee/tea at none other than yours truly, Peet's. We talked everything out about where we see oursleves going and what direction we want to take. As the time went on and conversation flew, we all became more and more inspired and excited about our band. I love all three of those boys so much I can't hardly explain it. God was moving through each and everyone of us and or ideas were bouncing around the table like wild. After practice we all, with the exemption of Bumper and addition of Ashley, went to a darling cafe in San Clemente. Conversation arose about how God is going to be moving through our band, and it was enlightening. Now I am going to go get my nails done with my favorite, my mom.

I listened to Travis on the way home and it was a breath of fresh air.


We are having practice today and I am a bit nervous to be honest, since I have not seen or talked to Bump or Jared in a really long time. I have been having nervous feelings about Janu, and I am going to contribute my hard/ill feelings about the band and its members on my poor relationship with God right now. I am not daily dipping into his power and grace and I am showing it.

I just want to go on tour in a bus.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well instead of having a piano lesson yesterday, I went to a dueling piano bar last night. It was eh. On our way home, Ashley and I got Del Taco and it made me fel so sick this morning. I went to the beach with Alyssa and Pat and it was so nice. I have just felt like I am doing nothing with my life lately. This all needs to change.
I had weird dreams last night. I did not like them.
I love Ashley. She is the best girl to hang, talk, cry, laugh, do everything with.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Musica Fantastica

Today I am taking my first piano lesson, for the third time. Amanda Mcneill is coming over and we should have a great time with the intelligent musician Daniel Pappas. I am just excited to get back into studying music again. I want to take theory at school again too. I am going to look that up today. Theory 1 at Saddleback College, why not? I need to lay into the keys for the sake of the band too.

Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day

I have been thinking about making a blog all day today; I have no idea why. I just can't wait to journal online, so i can add pictures that set my emotions at the time, since i can't draw. So here we come, bloggy. I wish I had more to say on my first day, but I terribly want to take a bath.