Friday, October 2, 2009

im in the state of mind where, I know what I want to do, but I don't do it, yet I do all the things I don't want to do(to a certain extent). I don't really know what my problem is... I love life, then I am not so stoke on myself at the same time. I am searchy as always, but so lazy at the same time. 
I miss my friend Diana so much, because she is a european traveler right now; thank God I am going to visit here in one month. My relationship with my besty friends Ash and Jake my bro are prime time right now and they get me through the day. I am needy when it comes to boys, and i'll leave it at that, on that subject. I would explain more, if I had the time and I didn't have to blow dry my stupid hair. 

my its been so long and i have been so lazy. 
i will leave you with one bit of information...I am going to David Bazan tonight. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feathers and Leathers

Leather Looks Good on the Legs

Feathers on the Fasion Front

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Problems are Rising

The Janu tour is not quite working out as planned but I have faith that God is going to do what He pleases with our band, no matter what that entails. Many venues have replied that the day we are rollin into town is already booked. Disappointing and frustrating. We can not lose hope.

Instead, I turn to my friends and family to find peace. I went surfing with Alyssa yesterday and it was one of the most fun days I had in a long time. We started the morning off with two iced coffees and a bagel for two at this darling little cafe on PCH. We talked and shared life for a couple of hours and then it was off to the shores. It was me, Lyss, Pat, and two of his friends from the surf industry. The one boy Dain, was down right charming to look at. He had a sweet smile and bright blue eyes. Oh no, not another, I say. The water was warm and the sunshine was soft. We finished the day off with a bbq at the house and Brandon came over. Everyone was dancing around the kitchen with knives in hand. We had so much fun. I love the people in my life.

The sound of the stream was a lullaby, drawing me to its quiet bank and washing the strain from my mind. i planted a garden and got some potted flowers for the house. Never before had I worked with growing things. Living so simply was awakening in me a love for plants that I had never had before. The house was a refuge, built just for me, and I found a new strength arising deep within my heart.

Esther Ahn Kim
'If I Perish'

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the beach is calling my name

Well, once again... it has been a while.

This past week has been pretty eventful and it is hanging over my head like a cloud that this blog has no record of anything that has gone on. Two Saturdays ago, I went out with some friends after work to the Salt Creek Grill. We all had so much fun listening to live music and hanging out by the fireplace outside. We decided to call it a night around 2 or 3. I spent the night at Ash's and the next morning the truth came out. I talked to my mom on the phone and told I was drinking the night before so I could not drive. Needless to say, the situation opened up really good conversation with my dad. We had a long talk about trust and what nots. The conversation ended with me putting it on paper with my signature, that said, 'I, Sarah Pappas, will not intake an alcoholic beverage until the day of my 21st birthday (not including Italy of course)'. It has been over a week now and I am going strong.
This past weekend we offered to watch Lyssa's dogs and so we slept over there both Saturday and Sunday night. They really are the cutest things in the world(when they are sleepy). Saturday night was really mellow because it was just me and Dustin and we watched 'I love you Man'. It was not uncomfortable, except for the fact that it stirred up weirdness between me and Brandon. The next day Sunday was one of the most fun days I had had in a long time. Work in the morning would have been hell if Jake and Ash didn't come in and save my life. Then I met up with Brandon and the 2 of us had coffee by the beach and sat and talked and laughed and learned. I feel good when I am with him. Then just the 2 of us turned into the 4 of us when we met up with Miles and Macy for a relaxing hang in the afternoon and Lyssa's. Dinner reservations were made for Brandon, Me, and Ash, and it was the best part of the night. We ate and Modo Mio, with Jake. When we were walking back to our cars we could stop telling each other how fun dinner was. (at dinner, brandon kinda felt like my boyfriend).
To much info all at once, I need to slow down and get some sun.

Friday, August 28, 2009

What's Hotter than the Weather?


Iced Americanos.
Throw your chai teas on the ground and pick up an iced americano with white mocha in it.


Find a local cafe with a quaint green patio and great food to have lunch.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

HOt hoT

How about a 'hey' to the sunshine.

Since the Temps are soaring and it is showing no signs of summer coming to an end, Ive decided to embrace the sun and all its beauty.
I fell asleep by the pool today.