Thursday, September 3, 2009

Problems are Rising

The Janu tour is not quite working out as planned but I have faith that God is going to do what He pleases with our band, no matter what that entails. Many venues have replied that the day we are rollin into town is already booked. Disappointing and frustrating. We can not lose hope.

Instead, I turn to my friends and family to find peace. I went surfing with Alyssa yesterday and it was one of the most fun days I had in a long time. We started the morning off with two iced coffees and a bagel for two at this darling little cafe on PCH. We talked and shared life for a couple of hours and then it was off to the shores. It was me, Lyss, Pat, and two of his friends from the surf industry. The one boy Dain, was down right charming to look at. He had a sweet smile and bright blue eyes. Oh no, not another, I say. The water was warm and the sunshine was soft. We finished the day off with a bbq at the house and Brandon came over. Everyone was dancing around the kitchen with knives in hand. We had so much fun. I love the people in my life.

The sound of the stream was a lullaby, drawing me to its quiet bank and washing the strain from my mind. i planted a garden and got some potted flowers for the house. Never before had I worked with growing things. Living so simply was awakening in me a love for plants that I had never had before. The house was a refuge, built just for me, and I found a new strength arising deep within my heart.

Esther Ahn Kim
'If I Perish'

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