Friday, July 31, 2009

Spring Clean

Today was a cleaning day and it started with my mind. I had a great wake up call from my dad inviting me to have a routine coffee date at Limelight Java, always. We had a nice time together besides the fact that it was really hot in the shop. But we moved outside and the breeze matched well with or joyous conversations. After he left I had a great time in the word and pouring my heart out to God on a small piece of paper. I do have to admit something... I am not nearly as sensitive as I used to be. I don't feel like a warrior, like I should be. I feel smaller than the measliest foot-soldier... not even. I am going to up my game for the Lord (i'll let you know how it goes).

I went to the gym, and filed paper work at Peppino's, and cleaned my room, and paid a parking ticket. Cleaning/Task day for sure. I specifically prayed for dedication today and i do feel it.

Janu wants to go on tour with the Smart Bros. and I am doing my best to work it out. I talked to Jay Smart today, which was a total answer to prayer. Now I just need him to call me back with answers of if we can come out or not. By the looks of it now, Janu will be touring solo up the west cost if you ask me. And I believe in us. Keep praying Sae Sae.

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