Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today started with tasks at dawn. I was a little farm girl this morning; waking up bright and early and started chores right away. I did all my laundry, hung all my clothes, did the dishes, clean my whole room, straightened the bathroom, and I figured out my licence tags. I was getting all my duties done around the house, because i then had plans to be out for the rest of the day. However, despite all the nonstop work this morning, I had a really good morning hang sesh with my dad. I have been missing him so much lately because we have not done our ritual coffee date in a long time. We had a good long catch up talk...refreshing.
I finally got out of the house and made my way to the beach to meet up with Dustin and Garrett. We went snorkeling and the water was to inviting with the perfect blend of sunny warmth. We then together had a mexican lunch that was pure satisfaction. Then a short mid afternoon lounge in Dustin's backyard followed lunch. I can't describe it besides...refreshing.
Gym. sucked.

Tonight was all about girls night! It was so fun. Me, Ash, Brenn, and Steph all went to Modo Mio for dinner. Conversation flowed as well as the fine food and drinks. We all caught up with one another's lives and laughed and shared all night long. Then Ash and I drove home together and we were right back to old times. We talked about deep things and I immediately was reminded of why she was my best friend. Best part too was, Matt was waiting for us at home! It was so good to see and laugh with him again...refreshing.

P.S. i like Boys.

Series of Unfortunate Events is playing in the next room as we speak...refreshing.

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  1. that sounds like so much fun sinny soo, i miss your laughs