Sunday, August 16, 2009

Up from my Death Bed

I got home today from a very long weekend spent in I don't know where Arizona. We left around noon on friday and I was feeling very sick from a cold a felt creeping up on me the previous night. During the monotonous car ride there my sickness escalated oppose to decreasing; which was a nightmare mind you because the reason for Arizona being blessed by my presence was I was supposed to be singing all weekend. Janu got asked to lead worship at Howie's church for his Jr. High/High School Chi Alpha retreat. Well I powered through our first night singing at the church, then came Hell. We booked a local show in the area for us to play at after church called Martini Ranch. So we loaded all our equipment in the car, and at this point I am already passed out in the back seat. Well I didn't wake up till 15 minutes before we are supposed to go on. I get out of the car and I feel half dead. I manage to get on stage and we start our set with "Of Laws and Fables". I barely utters two or three words of the harmony with Jake and I stop. I whisper to him, "I can't sing". He tells me it's ok and tears rush to my eyes. I slid off stage and ran as fast as I could to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall to cry. I haven't cried that hard or uncontrollably in so long. I watched the rest of the show from the crowd and it was heart breaking to not be up there with them.

The next day started and didn't really get much different till about 5:00pm. I woke up around 9:00 am and brushed my teeth and then changed into the pajamas I should have put on the night before. Said my hellos and eat medicine for breakfast then went right back to bed. My whole day was a daze; falling in and out of sleep, catching just snippets of conversations. Well I finally got up and made it to the church to lead worship again. By the grace and power of God, I did it! We all went back to Howie's after and were hanging outside and talking, something I was very excited to do, since I missed out on everything that day. But maybe 10 minutes into us all hanging outside on the porch, I fell asleep.

Woke up the next morning, today, and miraculously lead worship again! It went really well, and I most definitely have a passion for singing in church, especially with those guys. The drive home was easy, long, but easy being with them. Now I am home and tomorrow starts a busy day of planning our first tour. Wisha me lucka.

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